Icelandic Legends: Katla’s dream

No sooner had I stretched forth mine in return, than she grasped it tightly, and leaping from the shore into the skiff with me, rowed it swiftly to a small island which stood in the midst of the lake. (bls. 54) bls. 55

Icelandic Legends: Stories of elves

And purchased another in a dark and dismal valley, over which the sun seldom shone in summer and never in winter, and in the darkest and gloomiest recess intended to take up her abode.ðsíða+18++(24+/+308)/mode/2up

Icelandic Legends: Túngustapi

“Then the whole troop rode between Arnór and the farm, and drove him back.” Túngustapi, bls. 35-41, mynd bls. 39 Icelandic Legends collected by Jón Árnason. Translated by George E. J. Powell and Eiríkur Magússon. London, Richard Bentley, 1864. Myndir: Worms, Zwecker, Powell, &c.